“Flip It Like Disick” Recap: S1 E5


Scott hires outside help to flip the Jed Smith house and steps into a $12.4 million house while Willa Ford tries her best to give Benny’s office a feminine touch. Watch!

With the HOA shutdown keeping Jed Smith at a standstill, Willa and Benny renovate their offices. Scott looks for ways to make up for lost time and brings in outside help.

With Miki feeling disrespected and a potential HOA shutdown looming, the team now faces major issues. Scott helps French Montana transform one of his rooms into a jungle-themed theater.

Scott is inspired to redo the pool at his personal residence. The Malibu property is ready to be sold, but there is an unexpected problem that Scott must deal with.

Scott is eager to get started with demo on Jed Smith right away, but Willa and Miki are at odds. Scott convinces Kourtney to let him build a playhouse for their kids in her backyard.

Scott recruits Willa Ford to help with the finishing interior design touches of his latest Malibu flip property. Scott helps his friend Steve Aoki remodel a room in his Las Vegas mansion.




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