A Nigerian Blogger condemned the NPF’s reactions to a proposed peaceful protest.


Many reactions fly over the statement issued by PRO of Nigerian police Force, Mr. Jimoh Moshood in Abuja on Monday. The Force PRO said that the Nigerian Police Force is not in support of any anti-government rally.

The statement made by Nigerian Force PRO antagonized the other statement pronounced by Mr. Olaolu, SA to Vice President on social media and of course, the Nigerian Constitution”, emphasis by the blogger, Mr. Mathew Adekunle in an interview. “The question is, who is in charge as the highest authority in Nigeria; Nigeria’s president or Police Force?”

“He further explained that all Nigerians are entitled to freedom of expression, association, movement, including freedom to hold opinions and to receive impart ideas and information without interference. The main lawful duty of NPF is to protect all citizens in Nigeria and enforce laws without live ammunition. Every citizen has the right to move freely throughout Nigeria and be protected by Police Force”.

In blogger’s statement, he also laid emphasis on the fact that, it is not in Nigeria Police Force’s purview to place a ban on any proposed peaceful protest. He referred Nigerian Police to Fundamental Rights on chapter IV section 39(1) of the Constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria.





  1. Exactly my plight too. Who has the authority over who? I wonder if the police force now has power over the president. Its just a pity. Well said jare Mr Adekunle.


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