Angry Woman Destroys Husband’s N14million BMW Car (Photos)


The angry woman destroying her man’s car
A woman has left many people shocked after destroying her man’s £30,000 (N14 million) car after he upset her.
According to Dailymail, she used a metal post from a bed frame to knock in the windshield of the BMW 3 Series wagon.
Three large holes were pierced in the front window of the car, which costs about £200 to replace.  
She then continued around the car, knocking in the lights and denting the bonnet as shocked neighbours watched.
The woman also destroyed both wing mirrors with the total damage likely to cost thousands to repair. 
Julie Whitley said on Facebook: ‘Looks like a lady with an axe to grind.’ 
The attack seemed planned as another woman kept watch and the perpetrator had a getaway vehicle stationed nearby. 
As if destroying the car wasn’t enough, the woman then seems to try to do damage to the alleged partner’s property, with large thumps being heard against a door out of shot. 
After her onslaught, the two women hop into a red Vauxhall and zip off before police arrive.  
On her path of destruction, the woman appears to taunt the man who seems to be in his house. 
She calls out something as she pierces his windscreen and the person recording the scene remarks on the fact that the man didn’t come out to face the woman. 
As the three people watch from the window, one man says: ‘My legs are actually shaking.’ 
People were torn on whether they agreed with the scorned woman’s behaviour. 
Asim Siddiq said: ‘Disgraceful behaviour, there are ways to deal with a situation and this isn’t the way.’   
While others found the video funny, Emily James Thomson added: ‘Next most expensive thing to your house, destroying someone’s property? Absolute idiot.’
Watch video below:




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