Birthday Celebration: Sunday Abimbola turns 50, Hosts Families & Friends Historically


Sometimes people will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. In real sense, such memorable event does not have to be perfect.  Yes!, happy mood is a prime need of every human being, which must not, and cannot, be denied; it is richer and complete when many people work and then celebrate together in commemoration of special occasion and enjoyable with insurmountable supplies for such parties.

The Celebrant – Sunday Abimbola
Celebrant & Wife, Olatoun Abimbola

That was the case of a newsworthy celebration party lunched by influential celebrant, Mr. Sunday Abimbola who paints the town red for his 50th birthday with a large close-knit families, close inner circle of friends, an extensive social or business network and those who enjoy mingling amongst a throng of well-wishers at his residence in Brampton, Canada.

Family & Friends
Justina, Olatoun Abimbola & Tosin (KikkyKammy Gold Master)


Sunday Abimbola’s birthday celebration with folks marks the end of a year and the start of a new year at 50. Relatives and friends gathered to share food and drink, bringing gifts and enjoyed a special birthday cake. It was simply unique with no less than average good experienced vibes from all invitees, leverage all its thrilling mystery plus the surrounding hype and funnelled it into a great party that lasted till mum’s call. The atmosphere gained much fanfare, flourished with large collection of playlist of trendy musical tracks that threw-in maximum excitement by popular lady DJ Bjizzle. No doubt, it was a blast!

Family & Friends
DJ Bjizzle

The party delineates a recipe for evidence that it costs zero dollars to be over the moon or on cloud nine. All and sundry, sometimes, thinks it’s the world that will make people have a euphoric sense of celebration, but it’s actually how people respond to the happenings in the entirety. Those silly little things we unconsciously do in response to good moments increasingly result to that feeling of outward effect of happiness without too much effort. No wonder these wonderful guests did not draw back their abundant joyful vibes with positive attitude.

Relatives & Associates

Friends to the Celebrant

Sunday Abimbola, native of Orile Owu Ayedade Local Government Area in Osun State, Nigeria; happily married to Olatoun Abimbola (Toronto – famous) and blessed with lovely children, Obaloluwa, Temiladeoluwa and Tomiwaoluwa.


Well -Wishers
Family – Friends
Celebrant’s Friends

“First and foremost, words cannot express my feelings or depth of my happiness for show of exceptional love and joy. I had fun like never before! I am gratefully indebted to everyone that honoured this occasion.

“I always desire to continue to remain happy and hope that the share of the joy of this kind is spread to everyone out there that desires it. “By and large, that moment of ecstasy of delight will continue now and always…..” celebrant stated.

We wish the celebrant may happy returns; Aseyi se’amodun!


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