Chief Information Security officer for the White House’s Executive Office, was relieved of his duty.


Cory Louie, chief information security officer for the White House’s Executive Office, has left his post in a report that came that this was as a result of President Trump’s refusal to switch to a more secured android photo when he arrived U.S executive office in Washington D.C as he rightly advised by a closed security expert.

Originally reported by Atlantic editor Steve Clemons last week, ZDNet was able to confirm the news through sources of its own on Thursday. According to ZDNet’s report, Louie was “escorted out from his office in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building across the street from the West Wing” last Thursday, but it’s still unclear whether he was fired or asked to resign by the new administration.

Louie who has been appointed by Obama since 2015, and one source claims that there is an ongoing “witch hunt” in the White House for those who were appointed to positions by the former president. The White House has yet to release a statement or even comment on Louie’s role and why he his duty post.

Though, the Chief Information Security officer, (CISO) is reportedly responsible for “the whole security of all White House internal networks, communications, device, and data.” While someone might have stepped in to replace Louie as soon as he was let go, the alternative is that the CISO position is currently unoccupied while the president continues to use an ancient, unsecured Android phone.

Donald Trump’s intention remains unpredictable over the use of his old unsecured phone.





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