Exclusive: Families had much of lighthearted pleasure at Woodbine Beach[Photos]

It is never too late to be happy...


Wow.., what a fun-filled day with loads of entertainment for the whole families! It costs zero Dollar ($0) to be happy, as evidently showed last weekend by some families and friends who decided to make choices.


Sometimes, people think that it’s the world that will make people happy, but it’s actually how people respond to the happenings in the world. Regular denial to personal space of happiness are becoming less often, while the greatest discovery one can make is that nothing is impossible.

Happy mood @beach

Those silly little things you unconsciously do in response to good moments; increasingly result to that feelings of outward effects of happiness without too much efforts.

No wonder, these wonderful families did not slack to amazingly create that positive attitude that represent joyful moment. In reminiscence, they engaged themselves in numerous ancient games like ‘Tente’, ‘who’s in the garden?’ and many more they recalled. Foods, snack and drinks were in surplus supply.

Time for ‘Tente’
Cross section photo

During our exclusive interview with one of the conveners, she expressly said that they have planned to enjoy every moment as it comes, especially, this year summer.

She continued..

“First and foremost, words cannot express my feelings, nor depth of my happiness for show of exceptional love and joy. I had fun like never before! I am grateful to all…!

I tell you…, people are always inconsistent with the fancy terms of happy moment and you know, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It shouldn’t be all about work…, and work, otherwise this life would be boring. “The healthiest response to life is joy and its greatest pleasure is love that meant to be embraced to its fullest every day.

“I always desire to continue to remain happy and hope that the share of the joy of this kind is spread to everyone out there, that desire it.”, By and large, that moment of ecstasy of delight will continue now and always.”

“Plan for next time-out is on the way… [laughing…]” Omotayo explained.


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