Exclusive: Fancy & wife, Olajuwon welcome new born baby, Kelly at Humber River Hospital Toronto Canada[Photos]

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude for Adewale Abraham's family as they celebrate new born baby


Wow! It is a baby girl, with little clenched fists holding tight to the wonderful blessings of the origin. What a season of ecstasy! Join us to say a big congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Adewale Abraham’s family on the safe delivery of a new born baby girl at Humber River Hospital, North York, Toronto on August 11, 2018; about 1:00 am, at the drop of a hat.

Adewale Abraham popularly known as ‘Fancy’ with wife celebrates, last weekend, the safe arrival of his second born baby in Toronto, Province of Ontario, Canada. Welcome to the world, new baby girl! So thrilled that you’re here now! The new born baby is named Kelly, Habibat, Moronmubo, Aduni among other names.

Fancy is a well-known Canadian based Nigerian, who is a friend to many well-meaning Nigerians, based both in Nigeria and Canada, in the likes of Alhaji Sefiu Alao Adekunle (Kadonso), Otunba Maade of Ibejuland, Hon. Lukman Akinyemi (L&K), Kazeem Olusanya (Big Daddy), Kazeem Ogunleye (Jero) and others. It was a unique celebration! You’re welcome to the world, pretty little girl.

In fact, this wonderful couple has always demonstrated existence of real love-chemistry between them. To that end, resemblance grows every day and the love chemistry changes its colours to amazing reality. Obviously, the couple grows more intimate. However, prior to the arrival of baby Kelly, they shared more lovey-dovey relationship. The baby shower’s shoots tell us reason the couple considered it worthy of the experience & make these memories stay with them forever.

Without mincing word, Olajuwon who continually embraces inner happiness and untold gratitude to all and sundry that showed exceptional love before and after the arrival of Kelly.

“In actual fact, words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your help and supports. I am grateful to all…! I always desire to continue to remain happy and hope that the share of the joy of this moment is spread to everyone out there, that desire it.”, Olajuwon prayerfully stated. “Aaah! I cannot hurriedly forget Alhaja Idayat Obafemi, you’re a real gem. God bless you richly”, she added.

You will recall that typical preliminary planning was orchestrated in the form of “Baby shower”, which was a fun party, couple of weeks prior to the arrival of the baby. Couples, families and friends honored the occasion to startle Fancy’s wife. Without any shadow of doubt, that baby shower was clandestinely designed for the ecstasy of delight and intense emotional tears of joy of the guest of honor. In sum, it was kept satisfactorily easy, simple and fun-packed.

The baby celebration party was attended by friends, relatives and well wishes from London, Nigeria and Canada. They include: Mr. & Mrs. Sikiru Adesanya, Otunba Maade, Hon. Lukman Akinyemi, Rotimi Oludare, Alh. Sefiu Alao Adekunle, Mr. & Mrs. Adekunle Adeyemi, Barr. Michael Akinbola, Alhaja Obafemi, Adelani Adewale, Association of Likeminds (Sheridan Mall), Kazeem Olusanya, Anthony Ojo, Kazeem Ogunleye among others.

Speaking with us, “Thank you for all the special things you did. It was a wonderful day, I’ve never seen it before, because you made it different. To everyone, I value your presence and understand your worth. Many thanks!”, Fancy expressed appreciation.

Congratulations on your new born baby girl! This is such a wonder-filled moment for the family of Mr. & Mrs. Abraham and we hope that babyhood is filled with lots of fun, love, joy and affectionate embrace.

Wishing you the very best of luck with your new baby’s arrival and your new life as a family.

Photos speak below….

Fancy, Otunba Maade, Alh. Sefiu Alao, Hon. L&K
Fancy rejoicing with Kelly
Baby shower’s photo shoot
Olajuwon Abraham (Kelly’s mum)
Olajuwon Abraham (Habibat’s mum)
Fancy & Friends
Olajuwon with Mosumola,’Big mouth’ & Sefiu Alao
The Couple
Rukayat & Friends of Olajuwon
Alhaja Idayat Obafemi
Mummy Kelly & Islamic Imam Ayuba
Adewale Abraham a.k.a ‘Fancy’
Tosin & Tosin with Kelly’s Mum
A friend rejoicing with Mum & Dad
Fancy & Wife
Nike Adekunle & Olajuwon Abraham
Fancy, Otunba Maade, & Hon. L&K
Fancy, Olajuwon & Alhaja Idayat
Fancy, Kazeem Olusanya & Kazeem Ogunleye
New born, Kelly
Fancy & Association of Like-minds
Olajuwon with Mr. & Mrs. Sikiru Adesanya


Fancy & wife
Baby Kelly
Olajuwon Abraham (Kelly’s Mum)

Fancy and friend
Fancy and friends
Fancy kisses Baby bump
Baby shower photo
Baby shower
Baby bump @Baby Shower
Baby shower photo
Baby Shower photo (Fancy showing Olajuwon the star…)



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