Governor Ambode to face out yellow buses in Lagos soon


Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, while speaking at the 14th Annual Lecture of the Centre for Value in Leadership (CVL) held at Musan Centre in Onikan, Lagos State, with the theme titled ” Living Well Together, Tomorrow: the Challenge of Africa’s Future Cities”. Lagos State Governor later explained plot to face out Yellow Buses known as “Danfo” in Lagos State, for better transportation system in the Lagos metropolis.

He said, that became imperative so as to have Lagos state as true Mega City as it is being currently addressed.  “Having motor cycles (Okada), tri-cycles and these yellow buses (Danfo) all over the city of Lagos does not potentially make the city Mega as original planned; and for this singular reason, those regular means of transportation shall be completely removed and replaced by modern means of transportation, this year”, Governor Ambode re-emphasized.

The Lagos state governor further reiterated that, though that the funds are not readily available but a remarkable method of investment should be adopted for this innovative plans to thrive.


  1. Mr Gov. u better be careful and think deeply before scrapping the yellow buses. Do you have a reliable means of transportation? even ur so called BRT doesn’t function well, they disappoint and break down on the way. If u are creating more means of transportation fine, not by scrapping totally the yellow buses. Have you even tot of how many families you are going to starve by this nonsense that u are planning to do? Have u even tot of the increase in theft? A lot of graduates drive this danfo buses because they dobt av a means of lively hood. Who cares about Mega city? when there are loads of bad roads and u don’t even av an iota of maintenance culture. Mr. Gov. there is no good news nor sense in ur plan. May the fund never be ready for u to execute ur plans.
    My take.

  2. Is this what we need at this crucial time? Governor Ambode and his cabinet should please go and think of better ways to help our dieing economic situation rather than birthing ways of increasing crimes in our dear nation.


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