Gwyneth Paltrow Just Learned What “Snatched” Means—All Thanks to Kim Kardashian


She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom!

Gwyneth Paltrow has Kim Kardashian to thank for teaching her a new word—and for gifting her a new set of lingerie. The Goop founder took her Instagram followers on her journey during her first-ever unboxing video on Wednesday evening, Oct. 27.

“An unboxing (my first) with help,” Gwyneth captioned the video, referencing her mystery photographer who—while she didn’t show her face—seemed to be daughter Apple Martin.

In the first clip, Gwyneth held the camera up to the bright pink FENDIxSKIMS package as the duo gushed over the bright color.

In the next slide, she held up a bodysuit and asked, “what is that?” The young photographer replied, “This is so you can get nice and snatched.” Unaware of the term, Gwyneth,49, asked, “What is that?” 

The Oscar winner learned the meaning of the term and mastered the final part of the unboxing, a reveal. “I have now learned that “snatched” means I am killin it (?),” she wrote over the hilarious clip.

Proudly holding it up to the camera as she’s directed to do a pose, amid so much laughter and a duck face, the actress again asked, “Is this going to make me look snatched?”

“Yeah, 100 percent, it’s going to snatch the house down,” the young lady behind the camera replied.  

“I feel successful. Thank you @skims and @kimkardashian,” she wrote in another slide. In addition to the bodysuits, the PR packaged included a mix of intimates and shapewear from Kim’s latest collaboration line, which launches on Nov. 9.

We are ready for Gwyneth to do all of the unboxings for the rest of time!




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