Is Karma Coming to The Bachelor’s Bullies In This New Promo?


Could Victoria and Anna actually get what’s coming to them on The Bachelor

A new promo, exclusive to E! News, seems to indicate that they actually just might. In case you’re lost, Victoria has spent the entire season so far being as mean as possible to other contestants. She even managed to get Marylynn sent home based on a lie and bullied poor Sarah into hiding away before sending herself home. But this week, she might have actually gone too far. 

When five new girls arrived in the last episode, Victoria and Anna did not handle it particularly well. They did their best to make the new girls feel inferior by any means necessary, and Victoria even physically stole the crown off of one pageant queen’s head. When newbie Brittany tried to steal Matt away from a convo with Anna (which is how everyone is supposed to behave on this show), Anna decided to spread a rumor that Brittany is an escort. 

Brittany denied being an escort and Anna appears to have made this up completely based on maybe knowing someone who might know that Brittany knows some rich men in Chicago, but with help and encouragement from Victoria, the rumor still spread around to all the girls and was likely to make its way to Matt next. 

At the end of the episode, actual queen Katie jumped the gun and went to tell Matt about how Brittany was being bullied based on a false rumor, and we didn’t see how things went from there. 

In the promo, Matt is shown talking to Brittany and then he says to all the women, “There’s a culture of bullying, and now I gotta deal with this.” 

Victoria cries and says, “If he’s gonna believe some idiot over me, I’ll literally die,” while the narrator declares that the mean girls have “finally met their matt-ch.” 

The pun’s silly, but boy are we looking forward to seeing Matt actually address Victoria’s behavior. Justice for Marylynn! Justice for Sarah! Justice for Kim, the only newbie who got sent home but who could maybe have stayed if Victoria got sent home instead (just a theory we have)! 

We’ll find out how all of this ends when The Bachelor airs Monday, Feb. 1 at 8 p.m. on ABC. In the meantime, Victoria has apologized on Instagram for “making [her] opinions heard.” 



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