JUST IN: Yomi Fabiyi Craves For State of Emergency On Security and Education In Nigeria Before It Is Too Late.


In Nigeria, security is no longer a monster waiting behind a stranger’s face but a demonic ogre that openly feeds on Nigerian citizens. Though, previous governments had showed efforts to clear the decks on the issue and it seems nothing was done. This and many atrocities are recipe for disaster over the head of Mohammodu Buhari-led administration.

Recent attack by terrorists on the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA prompted concerned Nigerian, Yomi Family, Actor & Convener – BREAK THE SILENCE FOUNDATION to urge Nigerian government to declare State of Emergency on security and education sector in the country. In his statement, Yomi Fabiyi considered security with education knotty that requires radical approach coupled with the establishment of state police, to promote civil social development across Nigerian State.

Yomi’s penned statement reads:

Mr. President, I must thank you for your sacrifice and efforts in leading this country. It is true that security threats have been prevalent challenges of each administration but you cannot also deny the fact that it is the RIGHT of Nigerians. You have the constitutional power to make living in Nigeria meaningful to us.

“Sir, please DECLARE STATE OF EMERGENCY on SECURITY and EDUCATION with emphasis on effective implementation. This will usher in peace and development real quickly. 95% of citizens and visitors live in fear sir; we don’t know who is next or who is a threat in our neighborhoods.

“Police is on the EXCLUSIVE LIST sir, it is time to step it down (liaise with National Assembly) so we can have STATE POLICE. It is not easy for these officers to maintain Federal and State Laws at the same time with their infinitesimal knowledge on human rights, low morale, logistics etc. This burden can transform to aggression if we must be sincere to them.

“Each state will develop state of the art police stations with digitalization in consideration. If we add this with National Emergency Number and HARMONISED DATABASE, the spate of kidnapping, banditry, armed robbery, domestic violence will reduce drastically.

“Education for every child living in Nigeria at worst Primary level should be COMPULSORY. Subjects MUST include: CIVIC SOCIAL & COMMUNITY, HUMAN RIGHTS, CURRENT AFFAIRS, HISTORY studies. We need education that will raise children to trust the Police vis-a-vis education that will raise the right people to grow and be good police officers, soldiers, doctors, politicians etc.

“Any society that does NOT invest in children, education and societal values should not expect honest, good leaders, contented civil and public servants or masses.

“General, If these steps are not taken in few months, I will conclude some forces within are interested in seeing Nigeria weak and perpetually under-developed so they can continually exploit. I have no other place to genuinely call my home. ACT NOW”, signed by Yomi Fabiyi.

Recall that Yomi Fabiyi has been an avid luminary in the fight for human rights in Nigeria and also a convener of “Break the Silence Foundation”


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