Moanewsblog Presents Online Forum Discussion Category.


A media personality known as moanewsblog presents web-based discussion forum developed from its online categories, which aims at generating the maximum amount of online discussion and opinions from esteemed readers within a given time period.

Consequent upon prevailing news updates on social media and in order to create a unique niche for itself, hereby announces and invites our esteemed readers to continuing FORUM GROUP DISCUSSION, especially on relevant and salient news topics.

What is a Forum Group Discussion?

The Forum Group Discussion is simply a qualitative research method perhaps a predetermined semi-structured interview led by online-skilled moderator in the social sciences, with a particular emphasis and application in the topical developmental evaluation sphere.

How do I participate?

All forum discussions work like the typical discussion forums you know on the web. The forum category allows every user to add threads or queries, reply or comments to existing subject matters of posts.

Interested participants are expected to login with detailed registration, such as user’s Identity and password. Profile change and recovery are the salient features of this forum, as it is simple.

Typical Question Models

There should be three types of questions in this Forum Group Discussion:

  1. Probe questions:These introduce participants to the discussion topic and make them feel more comfortable sharing their opinion on the forum

2. Follow-up questions: Delve further into the topic of discussion and as well as the opinions of participants

3. Exit question: This checks to ensure that no interested participant misses out anything


Say that we post two different topics on education and politics, and we will be delighted to know why Education seems better Politics. Therefore, the following questions shall explore the issue:

Probe Questions:

  • How familiar are you with politics or education?
  • How often do you research on our topic of discussion?
  • What is your favorite topic?

Follow-Up Questions:

  • What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of Education?
  • What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of Politics?
  • What influences whether you research the topics?
  • What influences whether you are familiar with our salient topics?
  • If we were to close a topic of discussion, which one and give your reasons?

Exit Question:

  • What are your candid opinions about our daily post?

Remember, the forum discussion category an important parameter aims at collection of our readers’ comments or feeders that makes an effective communication.

While every participant is entitled to his/her online opinion, the forum setting does not bias information being collected, and not also the criteria to judge any body’s intelligence and efficiency.



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