“No need of permit to stage a Protest”- Said, Femi Adesina


The former President of Nigeria Guild of Editors and the present S. A to the Nigeria’s President on Media and Publicity explained in a television interview on Tuesday, his support and belief in any peaceful protest in Nigeria. “Every citizen has a fundamental right to any lawful assembly and protest; no need of any permit to stage a protest and the government should not prevent people from exercising their rights”, he said.

During the interview, Mr. Adesina further discussed that President Buhari is fine as against the rumour that he could not stand or walk. “President Buhari shall arrive to the country sooner than people think”, he mentioned. The S.A to President said that the letter for the extension of his medical leave had been transmitted to the National Assembly according to the Constitution and they were expected back to the House on Tuesday.

He did not say a word on the issue of Power in the Country as he expects the Minister of Power, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, to expatiate on those issues regarding Power in Nigeria.


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