Olivia Colman Is an Unexpected Killer in First Trailer for HBO’s Landscapers


Olivia Colman‘s new role is killer, literally.

The Emmy-Award winning actress has returned to TV in an all-new HBO limited series, but this time, there’s no crown involved. Colman is starring in Landscapers, a love-story-turned-true crime terror tale based on real events set in Nottingham, England, alongside Emmy nominee David Thewlis. The four-episode series, directed by Will Sharpe and executive produced by Colman herself, is set to premiere on December 9.

Landscapers follows Chris and Susan Edwards (Thewlis and Colman, respectively), a couple who appear to be ordinary, but to the public’s surprise, may have some skeletons in their closet or, rather, in their backyard.

When two dead bodies are discovered in a garden, Chris and Susan become the focus of a murder investigation. It seems as though this couple may have “royally” messed up. (Will we ever stop making puns about Colman’s tenure as Queen Elizabeth II? No, no we won’t.)

The trailer opens with Chris and Susan, as happy as can be, but their smiles quickly fade thanks to the discovery of dead bodies. Things intensify, especially for Susan, who is seen being questioned by law enforcement. Oh, and we should mention the scenes of burning photos, courtrooms and Susan’s mother yelling “nobody loves you” to her. 

But do we know the whole story? Chris notes at one point, “It might sound bad, but it’s not what it seems.”

We have several questions after watching this first look, including Did Susan and Chris have something to do with the bodies in the garden? Is this couple not so ordinary after all?

Hopefully we’ll find out when Landscapers premieres Thursday, Dec. 9 on HBO.



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