Survivor’s Latest Romance Revealed—Which Castaway Couples Are Still Together?


“It’s, like, ‘New season, who dis?'”

As anyone knows, it’s always awkward the first time you see an ex after a break-up. Now imagine you are stuck on a stranded island with your ex and you are battling it out for $2 million. That is exactly the situation Survivor winners Wendell Holland and Michele Fitzgerald have found themselves in, with Michele revealing their off-camera romance during the Mar. 11 episode of Survivor: Winners at War.

The Survivor: Kaôh Rōng winner confirmed their romance after the former couple found themselves on the same five-person tribe after Jeff Probst announced a surprise tribe swap at the beginning of the CBS reality hit’s hour. 

“I don’t think they ended on good terms and now they’re on the same tribe,” tribe mate Parvati Shallow said, summing it up perfectly. “I’m, like, cringing for her. I can’t even imagine having dated someone, having it ended badly and then being on the smallest, tiniest tribe with them. [Laughs.] Nowhere to hide, nowhere to go.”

And their first encounter at camp was pretty awkward, with Michele, 29, joking, “You’re stuck with me now,” and Wendell, the winner of Ghost Island, responding, “Sucks to be me!”

But it quickly got a little uncomfortable when Michele asked if things were going to be awkward, and Wendell, 36, said, “You don’t need me to be talking to you first thing…the first time…the first minute on this island. Or do you?” 

Michele didn’t love the way Wendell handled their history, later telling Parvati he “scolded” her. She then said she wasn’t surprised he was keeping his distance from the two women as “that’s the way he was in our relationship in the first place.”

Explaining that her ex-boyfriend “thinks he’s hot s–t,” Michele said it’s “hard not to have bad blood because I want to be like, ‘You’ve broken my trust in real life and you hurt me because of it.’ Of course I don’t want to get burned by Wendell again in this game like I got burned dating him…Better believe that I can separate my relationship with Wendell from playing this game and I will take him out if necessary.” 

Fortunately for him, Wendell didn’t have to worry about his ex-girlfriend voting him out just yet as their team won immunity.

But Wendell and Michele are far from the first castaways to find love while attempting to outwit, outplay and outlast one another…and they’re not the first castaway couple to call it quits. 

Still, many have managed to find happily ever after, blindsides and all. Check in on all of Survivor‘s couples…

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.



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