The Bachelor Relationships Ranked From Shortest to Longest—Where Peter and Hannah Ann Fall


Well, that was painful.

After months of teasing an unprecedented ending, The Bachelor finally revealed what the hell actually happened at the end of Peter Weber‘s season and to no one’s surprise, it was kind of a mess.

At the final rose ceremony, the pilot proposed to his first impression rose receiver Hannah Ann Sluss in Australia, much to the 23-year-old’s surprise and delight (along with his mother, Barb, who was very clear about her Team Hannah Ann stance when it came to  ).

Alas, Peter was still conflicted and admitted to still having feelings for finalist Madison Prewett, ultimately breaking up with Hannah Ann in filmed conversation while his season was still airing.

Like we said: it was a mess…but it’s not like it hasn’t happened before, with more than a few couples in the franchise’s history breaking up before the After the Final Rose special was taped—including one split that happened at a Starbucks.

(Hey, at least they got a coffee out of it?)

So where does Peter and Hannah Ann’s doomed engagement fall among the franchise’s relationships when they are ranked from shortest to longest?

Surprisingly, their brief period of bliss isn’t the shortest when you take a look at all of the lead’s romances with their final picks…



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