The Best and Most WTF Moments From The Bachelor Finale


Hello and welcome to the Barb Show. All Barb, all the time. The Barbchelor. Will you accept this Barb? 

Peter Weber‘s mother Barbra Weber truly stole the show both nights of The Bachelor‘s insane roller coaster of a finale because she was not afraid to let her opinions be very, very known. She loves Hannah Ann. She does not love Madison. It is not clear how she feels about her son at this juncture, but she certainly disapproved of his choices when it came to dumping Hannah Ann, who she loves, and pursuing something with Madison, who she does not love. 

Part two of the finale really did its best to highlight as much Barb as possible, with a little Barb cam in the corner of the screen. Sure, sometimes it showed Hannah Ann’s reactions, or occasionally Peter’s, but most of the time, it was for Barb. And we loved it, even if we’re still a little weirded out after feeling like we watched a family fall apart on live TV, and even if we just generally felt very weird about the whole thing. 

However, just because Barb got a lot of screentime, she’s not the one we’d declare the MVP of that finale. That title actually goes to Hannah Ann, who handled a messy breakup like a pro and truly tore Peter apart for the way he treated her amidst his remaining feelings for Madison. 

Here are just a few of the biggest WTF/OMG moments we couldn’t get over from that two night finasco. 

The Bachelor airs on ABC. 



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