The Masked Singer Unmasks the Bear and Introduces the Final Contestants


In case the world didn’t seem wild enough right now, last night’s episode of The Masked Singer was a shocking one. 

It introduced us to the final six singers we haven’t yet met this season, all of whom seem a little more unhinged than the singers we had previously met. And then, at the end, Sarah Palin revealed herself to have been the Bear. 

If it were simply that, that would have been weird enough. But the Bear’s song choice for the evening was “Baby Got Back,” which meant we were watching Sarah Palin rap/sing about big butts, and honestly it’s something we may never recover from. Very few people can really pull that song off with their dignity intact and we wouldn’t have said Sarah Palin was one of them. 

Anyway, five contestants remain in Group C now that the Bear has taken off her mask. 

Those contestants include the Night Angel, the T-Rex, the Astronaut, the Swan, and the Rhino, and all of them are pretty good performers, and mostly good singers. 

There’s one we feel pretty confident about, but then there are four we’ve kinda got no clue about. You can see all the guesses below while we attempt to recover from one of the most baffling and yet least baffling unmaskings yet. 

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox. 



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