During an argument, a brethren once said that the elderly holding the reins of affairs of the nation were incapable, that the podium should be left for the youth to assume responsibilities but I reiterated saying, if the podium should be left for the youth of this Generation, it would be no news to see a news-flash stating that the nation has been sold for a couple of legal tenders.

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This generation youth are a set especially loaded with charisma, gifts, talents, opportunities, abilities, capabilities, procreative minds but the heresy in this context is that these adjectives are been channeled in the wrong direction; youths are now consumed with the aura of making money quick, the rising menace of gambling, theft and illegal activities; all these, if present, in the mind set of anyone cannot be a platform for living but a platform of death as this is accordance to the Holy book which says, “Guard our heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life”. Just like the biblical teke teke mene upharsin which is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf, either statistically or scripturally, a larger percentage of youths cannot and would not make it to the apex of in Steve Farrar’s words “WON’T BE ABLE TO FINISH STRONG” but would find themselves deep down in the caricatured remains of the pot  and this gives me the need to categorize these youths into; those who do not have the ability to see what is in them, to decipher the efficacy of the bountifulness of divine gifting engraved in their spines, and even those who see and know these things, they cannot tap into it, they lack utilization, they lie dormant and ask silly questions of what the Government would do for the or what the government did not do leaving the reality importance of what they can do for their immediate environment talk less of the world and finally the most heart-breaking set are those who know these gifts, have used them but could not finish strong as they were at the end of the day, cut short like Nigeria’s power supply, they were broken, bent and tattered like the main road of Gbongan – Oshogbo expressway. YOUTH BURIED IN A POT!
As it is popularly known, the richest place in the WORLD is the grave and I will say that the richest of them all are youths. It is high time that youths should rise up to the responsibilities before them, to rise up from that pot, shake off the dust and bounce upon the
mountain tops taking charge. As I drop my pen, I would want to play the literal role of Elisha
whose bones when dead, raised a dead man to life by using these few questions to raise as many youths buried in pots by saying; WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOURSELF? By the time you leave this world, do you want to be a forgotten memory? Do you want to be a flavor or an odour to your generation before and after life? Do you want to be like Methuselah who lived 969 wasted years of Jesus who spent 3 and half years in active ministry?

It is a matter of CHOICE and not CHANCE.


By: Salako Ayomide


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